Today, distributors are striving to reduce carrying costs by adopting the Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery – reliably getting exact quantity of products there just before the customer needs them without keeping excess stock. JIT requires an accurate prediction of customer demand, a visible and flexible supply chain.
Traditional approach relies on purchasers to forecast demand based on customer order history, sales forecast and their own judgement. It is a time consuming process and lacks flexibility. DBP ERP helps distributors enhancing demand forecasting to keep minimum stock and improve cash flow, reducing stock outs and excess stock, and optimizing collaboration across supply chain to respond to very short order leadtimes.

Distributors can manage everything anywhere from product sourcing, demand forecasting (customizable forecast formula), stock requisitions planning, purchasing, inspection to lead follow-up, order entry, inventory tracking, delivery, invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger. It improves the flexibility and visibility of your supply chain; also increases customer satisfaction with effective control of product availability and delivery.


Manage product sourcing, store all product relevant data and costing information in one place.

  • Source New Products Using iPhone
  • Manage Product Sourcing Tasks
  • Track Engineering Communications
  • Compare Buying Prices
  • Track Product Documents     
  • Item Description Wizard
  • Product Description in 2 Languages
  • Duplicate Item Master
  • Calculate Container Loading
  • Batch Update Buying Prices / Selling Prices


Enter purchase requisitions against periodical stock take and demand forecasting. Automatically create Purchase Orders based on Sales Order or Purchase Requisition.

  • Track Replenishment Plans
  • Auto Calculate Replenishment / Forecast
  • Auto Plan Stock Requisitions
  • Track Stock Take Results    
  • Monitor Progress of Purchase Orders
  • Outstanding Purchase Order Alert
  • Purchase Price Increment Control
  • Tackle Seafood Price Purchases
  • Process Bonus Qty
  • Hold Payment
  • Inspect Products using iPad
  • Duplicate Purchase Order
  • Analyze Purchase Order Pattern
  • Multiple Delivery Locations in PO


Manage pre-sales, track progress of inquiries and the interaction with every contact.


Fully integrated sales, purchases and accounting. Automate business operations from inquiry handling through payment collection.


View stock status of all customer order items on one page and process delivery via Auto or Manual Stock Planning.

  • Safety Stock Level Alert
  • Track Inventory Location
  • Stock Transfer Wizard
  • Print Barcode Stock Labels
  • View Stock-Out Log by Delivery Note
  • Reserve Stock for Future Delivery / Forecast Orders
  • Track Order Delivery Schedules
  • Trace Courier Delivery Status
  • Track Delivery Supporting Files


Auto Create Voucher for ARs, APs, Sales, Purchases and Inventory Transactions. Save 65% time entering voucher related to order processing.


User friendly data searching, quick charts/ reports, batch approval / printing, task management, etc. Streamline daily operations and make informed decision.