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An Integrated Solution for


  • Manage Project / Property Documents
  • Manage Security Patrol
  • Manage Facilities, Tools / Equipment
  • Manage Work Orders
  • Manage Inventory


Property Details Lookup, Security Patrol, Work Order and Facility Management, SCAN A CODE WILL DO!

Manage Project / Property

  • Unlimited Location Levels (Phase, Building, Area, Floor, Room...)
  • Touch Floor Plan
  • Mobile Location Info Retriever (via QR Code Labels / BLE Tags)
  • Batch Linkup Location Document
  • Room Booking (via App)

Manage Security Patrol

  • Smart Patrol (via App + BLE Tags)
  • Set Patrol Routes

Manage Work Orders

  • Zero Data Entry (Take photo, draw, speak, scan, submit)

  • Auto Job Scheduling

  • Mobile Job Form

  • Monitor Warranty of Subcontracted Jobs

Track Equipment / Tools

  • ​Mobile Asset Info Retriever (via QR Code Labels / BLE Tags)
  • Batch Create New Inventory Records and Documents
  • Borrowing, Booking and Stock Take
  • Batch Relocation
  • Email Alert, e.g. next calibration, warranty reminders

Common Inventory

Safety Equipment, Hand Tools, Furniture, Building Materials, Lightings, Decorative Items, Fire Safety Facilities, Lifts, Escalators, Signage, Air-conditioners and Power Generators

Manage Material Inventory

  • Track Inventory of Materials, Parts and Consumables
  • Register Stock In / Out and consumption
  • Replenishment Email Alert
  • Inventory Stock Take
  • ​​Daily Movement / Monthly Summary Report by Email

One-Stop Start-up Packages

  • On Premise Server / Private Cloud Hosting
  • System Setup and Network Testing 
  • Data Migration
  • Consulting / Traning / Help-Desk
  • Onsite Inventory Registration ( Take photos , stick labels)
  • QR Code Label Printing 
  • 3rd Party ERP / Finance System Integration