DBP ERP is a one-stop solution designed to streamline the workflow for trading (back to back order), and provide a complete control over related operations. Automatically create Quotation from Sales Opportunities; issue Proforma Invoice, Purchase Order and generate Purchase Invoice accordingly; produce Packing List, Sales Invoice, and then create AR Receipt upon receiving customer payment. From the issue of quotation to invoicing and payment collection, each process just takes a few clicks to complete.

​​Trading companies can manage everything anywhere from product sourcing, lead follow-up, order entry to purchasing, delivery, invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger. DBP is the helping hand taking care of all paper works and logistic flows, showing you the whole picture of all ongoing order processing activities and helping you to dig out new business opportunities.


Manage product sourcing, store all product relevant data and costing information in one place.

  • Item Description Wizard
  • Product Description in 2 Languages
  • Packing Measurement Unit Conversion
  • Calculate Container Loading
  • Duplicate Item Master     
  • Item Data Snapshot
  • Compare Buying Prices
  • Source New Products Using iPhone
  • Manage Product Sourcing Tasks
  • Track Product Documents


Manage pre-sales, track progress of inquiries and the interaction with every contact.

  • Manage Marketing Campaigns
  • Analyze Inquiries / Assignments
  • Analyze Marketing Performance
  • Send Mass Email    
  • Print Personalized Marketing Letters
  • User-defined Inquiry / Assignment Stages
  • Process Name Cards
  • Track Progress of Inquiries / Assignments
  • Create New Lead / Assignment from Email   
  • eCatalogue on iPad
  • Revise Quotation
  • Track Selling Expenses
  • Calculate Selling Prices
  • Analyze Quote Prices and Profits
  • Auto Attach Product Files in Quote Email
  • User-defined Quotation Print Format


Fully integrated sales, purchases and accounting. Automate business operations from inquiry handling through payment collection.

  • Auto Create Sales Order from Quote
  • Monitor Progress of Sales Orders
  • Record Cancellation
  • Force Complete    
  • Surcharge Support
  • Process Deposit Invoices
  • Real Time Order Profit Update    
  • Outstanding Sales Order Alert
  • Duplicate Sales Order
  • Manage Tasks by each Sales Order
  • Track Order Related Documents
  • Analyze Customer Order Patterns
  • Support VAT / Sales Tax


Automatically create Purchase Orders based on Sales Order and keep track purchases.


View status of all customer order items on one page and create packing list easily.


Auto Create Voucher for ARs, APs, Sales, Purchases and Inventory Transactions. Save 65% time entering voucher related to order processing.


User friendly data searching, quick charts/ reports, batch approval / printing, task management, etc. Streamline daily operations and make informed decision.